White upvc casement windowsCreating a secure home environment is our top priority for our customers. We understand that window security is as important as door locks. Our range of window locks is available for all kinds of windows, including side-hung, top-hung and tilt and turn windows.


Window Security Choices


Steel shoot bolt locks are a high-security feature inserted into the windows frame at the top and bottom of a window supplying additional security.


Key locking handles are fitted as standard, and not only do they keep intruders out, but they also give security for keeping people in, avoiding accidents, especially for those with young families.


An excluder device is a high-security anti-jemmy device that resists forced entry, placed at the top and bottom of windows and doors. The more force applied, the tougher the grip on the device, making forced entry near but impossible.


Toughened glass, otherwise known as tempered glass, is a safety glass that is up to 5 times stronger than regular glass. Typically used for low-level windows and doors it can be used throughout your home.



Oakley Green Secure Windowsflush sash windows

At Oakley Green, we leave nothing to chance. We are committed to the safety of our customer’s homes and fit a standard range of modern anti-intruder features.


Our window frames to guarantee strength and durability, giving homeowners the quality and function you need. Our uPVC windows are designed to be robust with multi-chambered construction and weld joints giving extra resistance to any forced entry attempts.


Both Double and triple glazing offer greater security than dated single glazing as extra panes give a significantly more robust surface and are much tougher to break. We install internal beading to all our windows for extra confidence, making it impossible to remove glass panes from the outside.


All our windows security features are meticulously tested to reassure you that your property is nearly as safe as Fort Knox and is willing to fight back against any intruder.


Window Security FAQs


Is double glazing really burglar-proof? 

Double and triple glazing is much tougher than a single pane of glass. It is unlikely to smash, but intruders can use tools to attempt entry. With the right security features and double or triple glazing in place, you can create the best possible home security with our expert help and advice.


How secure are Oakley Green’s windows? 

At Oakley Green, we pride ourselves on our quality craftsmanship and diligence. We offer the best home security improvements on the market, and we can discuss in detail the best window security options for you and your home with your budget in mind.


Why do I need toughened glass in my windows?

Toughened glass can withstand high impact on its surface, deterring intruders and forced entry. If the glass does become broken for any reason, it will shatter and prevent harm to you and your family.