Whether you already have a conservatory installed at your home or you’d like to install one, one of the most important aspects to consider is its roof. At Oakley Green, our conservatory roofs can be specified as either a replacement roof option or as part of a new build conservatory project. With over 23 years of glazing industry experience specialising in conservatories and glazed extensions, at Oakley Green, we have all the expert conservatory roof knowledge to ensure that your home renovations are a complete success.

Replacement conservatory roofs

If you live in a property with an existing conservatory but it’s often too hot in summer and too cold in winter, a replacement roof could solve these problems. Many older conservatories, particularly those built over 15 years ago often featured polycarbonate roofs. These older roof materials did not provide the required level of thermal protection and would soon become unbearably hot when the sun came out and conversely, struggle to retain heat when needed.

If the rest of your conservatory (windows, doors, locking systems, hardware etc) is still in good working order then a replacement roof could transform your conservatory into the year-round living space you’ve always wanted.

New-build conservatory roofs

When you’re planning to extend your home, there are lots of things to consider. If you’ve decided that a conservatory is your preferred extension option, have you thought about what type of roof you’d prefer?

Choosing your new conservatory’s roof while designing the rest of the glazed extension will give you various options. If you want to create a cosy living area, then a tiled or solid roof is the best option. If boosting natural light intake is your priority, then a glass roof will be best.

Glass conservatory roofs

When you want a bright and airy extended living area, a glass roof conservatory is the perfect choice. Modern glass conservatory roofs provide homeowners with a wealth of benefits. These include:

Glazed replacement conservatory roof Glazed replacement conservatory roof
Replacement glazed conservatory roof Replacement glazed conservatory roof
Solar control glass replacement conservatory roof Solar control glass replacement conservatory roof
  • Outstanding thermal regulation capacity for a year-round ambient temperature
  • Self-cleaning glass to lower maintenance levels
  • A cost-effective and value-adding home improvement
  • Excellent acoustic insulation for a quiet and calm interior living space
  • Maximised natural light intake to create a bright and airy room

At Oakley Green, our glass conservatory roofs use state-of the-art solar control glazing. This modern glass solution is designed to regulate the sun’s rays and reduce UV penetration. Tests have shown that high quality solar control glass can reduce 83% of the sun’s harmful rays while still allowing the light energy to flood into your home.

Our glass conservatory roofs also perform extremely well in terms of thermal efficiency. Their sealed units can achieve exceptionally low U levels helping to create a room which performs as well as any other area of your home.

Tiled conservatory roofs

If you’d like your new conservatory or existing conservatory to feel more like an integral part of the home, a tiled roof is a great option for you. At Oakley Green, our lightweight tiled roof systems help to make any conservatory feel like a more permanent part of your home. When you choose a tiled conservatory roof from Oakley, you get:

  • Comfortable year-round living area
  • Increased value to your property’s market price
  • Noticeably improved thermal performance
  • Extensive customisation capacity
  • Outstanding weather protection

One of the most popular features of our tiled roof systems is their capacity for customisation. They can be formed into any roof style so whether you have a Victorian style conservatory, a Lean-to conservatory or any other style, our tiled roofs can be designed to match. With a tiled conservatory roof from Oakley Green, you can also incorporate as many glazed panels into the design as you like. This will help you to find the perfect balance between increasing natural light and creating a cosy interior atmosphere.

LivinROOF vs UltraROOF 380

At Oakley Green, we offer all our customers a choice of two tiled roofs. Both options are high-performing and suitable for both new-build extension and roof replacement projects. Here are some of the features provided by each tiled roof system:

LivinROOF features and benefits

  • Plastered interior ceiling can incorporate lighting or a speaker system
  • Urban Grey tile colour to complement any property style
  • Can be bespoke designed to meet any design specifications
  • Improved privacy levels for overlooked properties
  • Can feature a classic cornice to hide any sections of guttering

UltraROOF 380 features and benefits

  • Available in three different tile colours: Terra Brick, Harvest Brown, or Carbon Grey
  • Ridge capping available in tile or aluminium
  • Strong but lightweight design which can support multiple glass sections
  • Vaulted plastered interior ceiling for a stylish ambience
  • Prefabricated off-site for a professional finish and hassle-free installation

Both the LivinROOF and the UltraROOF 380 are excellent options and are industry renowned for their stylish appearance and outstanding performance.

Lantern roofs

Roof Lantern

When you really want to create a feeling of light and space in your conservatory, a lantern roof is a great option. A lantern roof dramatically increases the height of a conservatory to create a high glass ceilinged effect which will flood your conservatory with natural light.

You can incorporate roof vents where required and with high-performance double glazing, your conservatory will soon become your favourite room in the house.

As you can see, your conservatory roof really is an important aspect of your conservatory’s overall appearance and performance. If you’d like to find out more about our range of conservatory roofs, contact Oakley Green today. You can call one of our show-sites directly on Newbury 01635 877 959, Maidenhead 01189 401 975, or Bristol 0117 910 9500. Alternatively, fill out our online contact form with as much information as possible and we’ll get back to you as quickly as we can.

View Conservatory Roof Buying Guide

We’ve also compiled a list of some our FAQs that we think you will find helpful too!

  • If you’re looking for a new conservatory, or to add a new lease of life to your current one, it can be a difficult decision choosing a new conservatory door. Whether it’s a patio door, French door, or bifold door, they all allow an abundance of natural light in and will retain your home’s warmth. Here’s a detailed comparison of our conservatory doors.

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  • We strive on our excellent customer service, every step of the way our friendly team will be there to offer our expertise. It takes just six simple steps for an Oakley Green installation.

    1) Initial consultation
    2) Quotation processed
    3) Quote finalized
    4) Surveyor visit
    5) Work commences
    6) Completion and sign off

    To find out more about our installation process, take a look here or contact a member of the team.

  • Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, we’ve been transforming properites across the South of England since 1999. From Bristol and Swindon to Reading and Maidenhead, we have been offering luxurious, beautiful, bespoke conservatories that add space and light to homes.

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  • An important consideration when buying windows is whether you’d like them to be double or triple glazed. Double glazing and triple glazing use two and three panes of glass respectively, with the extra pane affecting how the window works in a number of ways. We’ve created a comparison guide between double and triple glazing to help you decide which is more suitable for your needs.

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