If you like the idea of an orangery, but need more information, then our comprehensive orangery buying guide is just what you need. At Oakley Green we have over 20 years of installing industry leading, premium, bespoke orangeries throughout the south of England.

What is the difference between an orangery, a conservatory, and an extension?

There are very subtle differences between a conservatory, an orangery, and an extension. Traditionally conservatories contain more glass in their wall structure than an orangery. Orangeries on the other hand tend to have a larger brick wall structure. Historically both conservatories and orangeries used to have largely glass roofs. Today this is not always the case, as with advances in design and technology, many homeowners are opting to have solid roofs or a blend of solid and glazed roofs. An orangery does not have to be attached to the property and can sit as a separate free-standing structure. However, at Oakley Green, we find most of our clients prefer their orangery to be attached to their property. A traditional extension will generally consist of a larger brick/solid framework, with less wall glazing. An extension typically has a solid roof but may also have roof lanterns.

Why choose Oakley Green for your orangery?

There are many reasons why people choose to extend their homes with an orangery. The extra space might be needed for office work, a gym, crafting area or simply somewhere to sit and enjoy the garden throughout the day. Whatever the reason, an orangery proves to be a popular choice because it is so versatile and provides the feel of an extension at a fraction of the price.

Whatever your reason for choosing an orangery, you can rest assured that a professional service of the highest standard will be provide by Oakley Green Conservatories. From design, through to survey and finally installation, our expert team will guide you seamlessly through the whole process Our orangeries are secure, energy efficient and stylish. They can also incorporate a market leading lantern roof from Ultraframe. Experience a stylish and light room, without compromising on quality or performance benefits.

LivinRoom Orangeries

The LivinRoom orangery is the latest of its kind on the market. Incorporating the best aspects of glazed and solid extensions. It truly is in a league of its own. Indeed, if you can’t decide between a new extension or conservatory, then the LivinRoom orangery from Ultraframe, installed by Oakley, is the ideal solution. Quite simply, it incorporates the best aspects of glazed and solid extensions, giving you the perfect living space. A fabulous blend of natural light, cosiness, and privacy.

Design options for your orangery to perfectly match your needs

An orangery installation at one of our showrooms An orangery installation at one of our showrooms
Orangery with bi-fold doors Orangery with bi-fold doors
An orangery in a beautiful garden An orangery in a beautiful garden
An internal view of an orangery with the sunlight beaming through An internal view of an orangery with the sunlight beaming through
A large orangery A large orangery
An orangery with large sliding doors An orangery with large sliding doors
White orangery with brick base White orangery with brick base
One of our orangeries at our showroom One of our orangeries at our showroom
Large orangery sitting between garden and patio area Large orangery sitting between garden and patio area
An orangery with georgian bars An orangery with georgian bars
A large luxury orangery A large luxury orangery
An orangery with glazed roofs and windows An orangery with glazed roofs and windows
A detached orangery A detached orangery
Internal view of orangery decor Internal view of orangery decor
A white orangery with French doors A white orangery with French doors
Orangery exterior Orangery exterior

The versatile nature of orangeries really is their key selling point. At Oakley Green our impressive range of orangeries come with a raft of design options to reflect your needs:

  • Can be used in a range of shapes, including Victorian, Georgian, and lean to  – also compatible with box gutters
  • Choose your own ratio of glazing to solid walls and corner or centre pillars
  • Down lighters and speakers can be built into the roof, allowing you to make your space more personal
  • Opt for as many windows and doors as you desire
  • Can add stylish external cornice aluminium guttering
  • Gain more cosiness with the additional option of a suspended ceiling, which continues the height from an adjoining room
  • Range of frame colours and brick work to match the character of your property

Undoubtedly such a large range of options, really allows you to design a bespoke living space, to perfectly blend with your home.

Whatever design options you choose, you can have total peace of mind knowing your Oakley Green orangery comes with a 10-year guarantee.

Roofing options

The sky really is the limit when choosing your roofing for your orangery.

For a bespoke orangery roof that adds unquestionable elegance to your living space, a lantern roof is the perfect choice. They can be designed in a range of modern colours and styles to add the ‘wow’ factor to any style of home.

Lantern roof extensions increase a room’s height, giving it a light and spacious feel whilst creating a central focal point. It removes the need for a bulky roof ridge and draws in natural light. Ventilation is made easy with options for roof vents, and quality double glazing minimises noise from rain and maintenance hassle, perfectly fitting the modern lifestyle. They’re constructed from industry-leading materials for a long-lasting and durable replacement roof option that can withstand even the toughest weathers.

Alternatively, if you want your orangery to really feel like an extension of your home, why not consider an Ultraframe realRoof? Modern orangeries can be built with insulated tiled roofs, for a room that can be used all year round. Indeed a solid roof is perfect for keeping your home warm all year round and keeping the worst of the British weather at bay.

Glazing options

At Oakley Green, we believe in supplying market leading products, which give optimum security thermal and energy efficient performance. The double-glazing products we offer for our orangeries can not only achieve top ‘A’ grade energy ratings, making them exceed Building Regulations requirements, they also have a carbon friendly footprint too. However, if you are looking for optimum glazing performance, then look no further than our triple-glazing options. Triple glazing tops the class in all areas; insulation, efficiency, security, and aesthetics and will put you at the forefront of glazing technology.

Door options

If you really want to showcase your new orangery, consider having beautiful bi-folding doors installed. Bi-fold doors make a stylish addition for any orangery, they incorporate multiple door leaves or panels that fold and slide along a track, allowing you to easily open up your home to the outside. . Not only will they give you an uninterrupted view of your garden, they will also flood your orangery with light. Bi-fold doors are available in an impressive range of sizes, colours, and configurations. Undeniably whatever the size of your new orangery, bi-fold doors can be uniquely customised to perfectly fit your space.

If, however, you want to achieve a timeless and classic look then French doors could be the perfect door option for you. French doors are incredibly chick and will really add a touch of flair to your orangery. French doors are beautifully crafted and offer incredible security, energy efficiency and thermal performance. Available in a range of colour options and hardware, French doors really allow you to add that personal touch.

Is planning permission needed for a new orangery?

One of our orangery and conservatory showrooms
Due to the introduction of permitted development rights most orangeries are normally exempt from planning permission providing they meet the following general criteria. An orangery must not

  • Take up more than 50% of the land area of the original property
  • Extend more than 4 metres and is no higher than your home’s roof
  • Be wider than half the width of the original property
  • Front or obstruct a public road

However, it is important to note that some exceptions may apply if your property

  • Is an area where an Article 4 direction is in place
  • Is a listed property
  • Is within an area of designated land, conservation area, National Park or Area of Outstanding Natural beauty.

It is the responsibility of the homeowner to get any relevant planning permission. However, here at Oakley Glass we can offer you help and guidance throughout the entire process. You can also get all the information you need from the government planning portal.

Are building regulations needed for a new orangery?

Alongside questions surrounding planning permission, we are also frequently asked “do orangeries need building regulations?”  Again, as in the case of planning permission, in most circumstances an orangery is normally exempt from buildings regulations, providing:

  • It is built at ground level and covers a floor area of less than 30m2
  • It is separated from the house by external quality walls, windows, or doors
  • It has an independent heating system with its own temperature controls and on/off switch
  • any fixed electrical and/or glazing installations comply with building regulation requirements

Again, our experienced staff at Oakley Green can help guide you through any applications needed.

If you would like to discuss your orangery plans further why not get in contact? Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, we will be delighted to help. Call us on Newbury 01635 877 959 or Bristol 0117 910 9500 or contact us online. One of our friendly and expert team members will provide you with all the essential information to get your home transformation started!

We’ve also compiled a list of some our FAQs that we think you will find helpful too!

  • If you’re looking for a new conservatory, or to add a new lease of life to your current one, it can be a difficult decision choosing a new conservatory door. Whether it’s a patio door, French door, or bifold door, they all allow an abundance of natural light in and will retain your home’s warmth. Here’s a detailed comparison of our conservatory doors.

    Find more here on the best door styles for orangeries.

  • We strive on our excellent customer service, every step of the way our friendly team will be there to offer our expertise. It takes just six simple steps for an Oakley Green installation.

    1) Initial consultation
    2) Quotation processed
    3) Quote finalised
    4) Surveyor visit
    5) Work commences
    6) Completion and sign off

    To find out more about our installation process, take a look here or contact a member of the team.

  • Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, we’ve been transforming properites across the South of England since 1999. From Bristol and Swindon to Reading and Maidenhead, we have been offering luxurious, beautiful, bespoke conservatories that add space and light to homes.

    Find more here on the areas we cover.

  • An important consideration when buying windows is whether you’d like them to be double or triple glazed. Double glazing and triple glazing use two and three panes of glass respectively, with the extra pane affecting how the window works in a number of ways. We’ve created a comparison guide between double and triple glazing to help you decide which is more suitable for your needs.

  • Although there are similarities amongst the three window materials, there are a number of important differences. For a more in-depth look at the three materials, follow the link on our guide to the best window materials.

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