Which direction should a conservatory face?

Conservatory and house fullview

Are you considering installing a conservatory at your home? Would you like the extra living space but you’re unsure whether a glazed extension would be suitable for your property? Have you done some research and you’re still concerned about the best direction for a conservatory to face? If so, the experts at Oakley Green have got all the answers you need.

North facing vs south facing conservatories

If your conservatory is going to be in a north facing position, it will naturally get less sun throughout the year. This means that during the summer, it will warm up nicely but during the winter when the sun is low in the sky, it may remain cold.

If, on the other hand, your conservatory is south facing, it will be exposed to more sun all year round. This could mean that it may become too hot during the summer while remaining at a more ambient temperature in the winter.

High performance conservatories from Oakley Green

Replacement glazed conservatory roof

Whichever way your conservatory will face, there’s no need to be concerned. At Oakley Green all our conservatories are designed and constructed to the highest industry standards. By using thermally efficient window profiles and roofing systems, we can help your conservatory to retain its heat during the cold winter months.

Solar reflective glazing will regulate the temperature when it gets hot outside in the summer to give you an extended living area which you can use all year round. Whether you have a north or south facing garden, thanks to modern advancements in technology, conservatories are now fully functioning living areas all year round.

Which is the perfect direction for a conservatory to face?

The answer to this question will depend on your lifestyle and what the conservatory will be used for. As mentioned above, south facing conservatories will attract more year-round sun while north facing ones will have less sun exposure during winter.

If your conservatory is east facing, it will enjoy the morning sunlight. If it is west facing, then it will regularly get the evening sun through its windows. The perfect direction for your conservatory to face will therefore depend on when you are going to use it most often.

If you want to further regulate the temperature in your conservatory you can install sliding patio, French, or bifold doors which can be opened wide to let in a cool breeze. You could also install blinds both on the interior of the roof or the conservatory’s sides.

At Oakley Green, we are the experts in everything conservatory related. For more information about any of our conservatories call 01635 877 959 or contact us online.