How to turn conservatory spaces into kitchens

A kitchen conservatory extension“Can I convert a conservatory into a kitchen, or even more, a proper room?” we hear you ask.

Yes! One of the best ways to make the most of a conservatory is by using converting it into a proper room, more specifically a kitchen. Kitchen conservatories are well-lit and can be an extension of your current kitchen space. But how do you go about converting conservatory spaces into kitchens? Don’t simply take our word from it, hear from the happy Boakes family who chose to extend their home with a high performing ultraROOF, or the Goodwins family who opted to replace their existing polycarbonate roof with a lightweight tiled UltraROOF.

Or alternatively, read on, as we discuss the process below.

Work out a plan for your conservatory conversion

It’s important to work out whether you want your conservatory space to be used to house the appliances or as an extension of your current kitchen space. If housing the appliances, gas, and water lines will need to be added. This will increase the overall cost and installation time, while any potential drainage issues will need to be considered.

Contact an expert on kitchen conservatories

Kitchen Extension Interior
Oakley’s team of conservatory design and build specialists have been helping homeowners achieve their dream kitchen conservatory for nearly 20 years. If you’re serious about turning your conservatory space into a kitchen, we’re the ideal candidate for the job. Our devoted team will work collaboratively with you, ensuring your exact specifications are met.

Seek planning permission (if necessary) for your conservatory extension

Do you need to seek planning permission for your conservatory extension?

If you plan on extending your current kitchen space via your conservatory, a planning application may be required. For example, if you knock down the wall/doorway that leads into your conservatory, you will affect the footprint of your house. In this case, planning permission needs to be sought. Homeowners in England and Wales can check if planning permission is required, by applying to their local planning authority through Planning Portal.

Consider a replacement roof for your conservatory

Conservatory upgrade
Do you already have a conservatory, but it’s too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter? While freezing kitchen conservatories might allow you to save space in your fridge, regularly preparing large meals in there will be uncomfortable at best. Older conservatories regularly struggle to maintain an enjoyable temperature, and much of this can be attributed to their inefficient roofing. Therefore, a replacement roof may be necessary for achieving a comfortable kitchen space.

Decide on conservatory decorations

Once planning permission has been sought and your conservatory made suitable for usage, working out the interior styling is next. How do you want it to look and function now you’ve got a well-lit, stunning space for use? Worry not – we have compiled our top 3 clever conservatory decorations tips especially for you!

Island counters make a fantastic additionKitchen conversion with relaxation area

If your plan is to connect your current kitchen and conservatory, an island counter placed in the middle of the two rooms is a shrewd choice. It’ll seamlessly connect the two rooms while bringing style and functionality. Benefitting from the light shining into the conservatory, you’ll have a well-lit eating space for use. Able to house a sink or oven, you can do all your cooking and cleaning in the light too.

Conservatory extensions across Bristol, Reading, and Berkshire

Provided they’re done properly, a kitchen conservatory will add considerable value and functionality to your home. If you’re interested in having one installed, get in touch with us here at Oakley. You can call us on 0117 910 9500 or send us an online message.

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