French, patio or bifolding: Which is the best conservatory door?

White sliding patio doors leading onto the garden - conservatory door

You’ve picked your dream conservatory, but how do you know what the best conservatory door is? With so much choice now, you can create any style you want as well as use your door to blend your inside and outside living spaces. Another decision to make is whether you want a door to separate your conservatory from the rest of your home. If you have a door, you can create a sense of separate zones within your home, otherwise you can have an open-plan feel throughout your house.

Patio doors

Patio doors are a popular choice as a conservatory door. With their easy to use sliding action, you can easily move between your home and garden. They take up less space than a door that opens inwards or outwards and offer wide views. They can be a great way to let the sunlight flood into your conservatory and around your home. However, they can never fully open and often have thick frames which can restrict some of your view.

An orangery with french doors and georgian bars

French doors

French doors are an elegant choice for a conservatory door and add a sense of sophistication to any home. They perfectly suit traditional homes and are an excellent choice if you want to keep your door space to a minimum. With the choice of Georgian bars, you can create a beautiful entrance to your garden. They offer you the choice of leaving one door open when you want to let a breeze flow around your home. Like a normal door, they do have a threshold which could be a tripping hazard.

Bifolding doors

Orangery with bi-fold doors

Bifolding doors are the ultra-modern option for your home and will bring your conservatory into the 21st century. Allowing you to create an open-plan feel, you can have a seamless transition between your garden and home. Bifold doors stack up on one side to completely open up your space. They offer you the versatility to have a whole wall of your conservatory taken up with the door with more than two door panes available. However, this would mean you cannot have furniture all the way around your conservatory. With no inwards or outwards opening, you have more space around your door.

The best choice for your conservatory door

Oakley Green Conservatories offer you the ultimate range of conservatory doors in uPVC, aluminium and timber. Whichever door you choose will offer you a secure barrier from intrusion as well as the elements. Giving your home style and protection, our conservatory doors will always impress. Get in touch today to find the perfect conservatory door for your home.