Everything you need to know about extending and replacing home extensions

Bifold DoorsHome extensions, conservatories, and orangeries all start to age, tire, and look sad at some point, especially if they were installed over 20 years ago, and, along with a growing family, your once extra space can start to feel no longer spare.

You may believe your only option is to move, but this is not the case – even if you already have an extension. With several ways to improve your space, we have covered the most frequently asked questions about extending and replacing home extensions below.

Can you build an extension on an existing extension?

There is no limit to the number of extensions you can undertake on a singular house. Homes can be extended numerous times until there is nowhere else to build- however, this will require planning permission to build an extension this large!

If your house already has an extension, it is possible to extend the existing extension. Or another option is to dismantle it and rebuild it in a more favourable shape or size.

How big can I build an extension without planning permission?

Home extensions are subject to permitted development rules, which allow you to extend up to 4m for detached houses and 3m for all other types. If you wanted an extension larger than this, then you would have to apply for planning permission.

Can you build on top of a single-storey extension?

You can now build a house extension upwards using permitted development; however, the council will take into consideration the appearance of the building when determining whether to give you prior approval. So, good design, both structurally and visibly, is crucial! The design should reflect the character of the area and the surrounding neighbourhood.

Can I replace my conservatory with an extension?

White ConservatoryIf you have an old conservatory that is too cold in winter and too hot in summer, then it may be worth considering converting it to a brick extension. The good news is it’s possible to do this! However, due to building regulations, the structure will most likely need replacing.

A good thing to know is that with Oakley Green Conservatories we offer tiled roofs for conservatories, which can totally rejuvenate the appearance of your tired conservatory and make it look like a brick extension. In addition, it will contribute to the thermal efficiency of your space, ensuring it is cosy and warm in winter and cool in summer.

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