Do You Need Trickle Vents on Windows?

New building regulations were announced at the end of 2021 and are now a legal requirement from June 2022. One of the changes is Part F of building regulations, and it is causing confusion for homeowners and if trickle vents are required on new windows.

Let’s investigate trickle vents and see if you need them on your new windows and home extensions.

What are trickle vents?

Trickle vents are adjustable vents positioned at the top of a window or door to allow ventilation into a property. A small hole is routed out the top of a window or door frame to allow fresh air to pass through, and trickle vents are attached to the routed area.

Trickle vents allow a homeowner to control the ventilation that comes through the window.

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Trickle vents come in various colours and finishes so they can match your window frames perfectly.

When are trickle vents needed on windows?

Trickle vents are necessary on windows and doors in the following circumstances:

  • Windows and doors of newly built homes
  • Windows and doors of newly built extensions
  • All replacement windows and doors that currently have them

It is expected these building regulations could change and be constantly updated. The new building regulations have a particular focus on residential home sustainability and will continue to be a focus for the foreseeable future.

Trickle vents give background ventilation which is necessary to provide occupants in the home with a healthy indoor environment. The main objective of trickle vents is to replace impure indoor air with fresh outdoor air.

Trickle ventilation is considered a crucial element of a healthy living environment and prevents a build-up of a damp, warm atmosphere that can lead to health concerns.

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