Do conservatories get too hot (and how can I improve my existing one)?

Conservatories are designed to be an inviting, bright, and relaxing space to sit back and enjoy, however, if they’re uncomfortably hot we may not be able to use them as much as we’d like. It is no secret that older conservatories can reach unpleasantly warm temperatures, especially during the summer months, when we experience hotter weather and more hours of daylight. Large panes of glass offer beautiful uninterrupted views of the garden, but they also allow solar energy to stream through which can raise the internal temperature of your conservatory making it too hot to endure.

There are several options you can consider when looking to cool down your conservatory, but the most effective way is to install a new roof. Here at Oakley Green, we are proud to offer a number of solutions to suit your needs when it comes to replacing your conservatory roof. It is also worth noting that a replacement roof will not only cool down your conservatory when it’s hot, but it will also keep your conservatory warmer during the winter months. This will help to keep your energy bills down and make your home more energy-efficient.

Types of roofing and how they can keep your conservatory cool

Glass Conservatory Roof: 

If you’re looking to create an airy and open space in your conservatory that maximises natural light, a glass roof will help you achieve this goal. More traditional glass roofs are massively inefficient; often made from single panes of glass or thin sheets of polycarbonate, they are usually poorly insulated, creating the well-known too hot in summer but too cold in winter scenario.

Our glass roofs utilise solar control glass which regulates UV penetration to avoid overheating in the summer. With the correct specification, it’s possible to exclude up to 83% of the sun’s energy through advanced solar control, eliminating the impact of harsh UV rays whilst still making the most of natural light. All of our glass roofs are double-glazed as standard and are made using multi-chambered frames to improve energy efficiency performance. The sealed glass units are filled with argon gas as standard to reduce the flow of air through the windowpane, keeping cool air in and hot air out.

The thermal efficiency of glass windows and roofs are measured by what’s known as a ‘U’ value. We’re proud to say our glass conservatory roofs regularly meet impressively low U-values, staying warm in the winter and cool in the summer.

Tiled Conservatory Roof: 

Tiled roofs are often the most energy-efficient option for conservatories. Although they do not offer quite as much natural light as glass roofs, they make your extension feel like a more natural part of the house. Described as the ‘pinnacle of thermal efficiency’, a tiled roof will make a conservatory look like a more traditional brick-built extension, so there won’t be a problem with overheating through the roof.

Bifold Doors: 

It is also worth remembering that all of our conservatories, no matter what roof option you decide on, are compatible with our beautiful bifold doors. Bifold doors open by folding back against themselves in a concertina-style fashion. This means that when the panels are fully opened and stacked against the wall, the opening space in your conservatory is maximised, which also greatly improves ventilation. Find out more about our bifold doors here.

Other tips for keeping your conservatory cool

Put up blinds: 

A simple and aesthetically pleasing solution, blinds can help to block sunlight from entering your conservatory which will considerably lower the interior temperature.

Use light-coloured, soft furnishings: 

The colours and materials you use to furnish your conservatory will play a huge part in the interior temperature. If you’re looking to keep your conservatory cool, you may want to consider using light colours as these tend to absorb far less heat than darker colours. It’s also worth avoiding leather, as it is far more prone to holding onto heat that comes through the glass than fabric furnishings.


As previously mentioned when discussing our bifold doors, it is important to keep your space well ventilated in order to keep it cool, as well as condensation-free. As simple as it might sound, opening the windows and doors will help to increase air circulation around the conservatory which will help to keep it nice and cool.

We’re here to help you

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