Orangery doors: make the most of your living space

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LivinRoof orangery with French doors

You’ve got a stylish living space – lucky you! Now make the most of it with a set of new orangery doors.

Styles that suit modern orangeries include French and bifold doors in particular. We look at both of these styles and how they can help you to make the most of your living space.

Why choose alternative styles for your orangery doors?

Orangeries are great for letting in the light and providing more space. Modern doors can help to enhance these features even further – let in even more light with high performance glazing, and create a seamless link between the inside and outside of your home, giving the impression of even more space!

Doors that are designed specifically for a range of uses are guaranteed to fit into your existing or new orangery, and two of the most popular styles include French and bifolds.

White french doors with georgian bar design

French orangery doors with Georgian bars

A touch of tradition with French doors

French doors are most suited to those wanting an elegant touch to their orangery and overall home. Traditional in style, they feature two glazing sashes that open in the middle. This allows an abundance of light to enter your orangery, and for you to get quick access to your garden or patio – ideal for warmer weather.

For added style, French doors can incorporate Georgian bars and a range of colours. Reputable installers will offer French doors in a range of materials, including aluminium and uPVC.

Contemporary style with bifold orangery doors

Choosing contemporary bifold doors allows you to let in light without compromising on cosiness! Sleek in style, you can effectively create a glass wall that allows you to let the outside views in (without the fluctuating temperatures).

An orangery with bifolding doors that open onto the patio

Bifold orangery doors

Bifold doors feature multiple door leafs that are folded together, slid along a smooth track and stacked against either side of the wall. Easy to use, secure and energy efficient, they are a great solution for orangery doors – especially if modern living is more your style.

Oakley Green Conservatories – a range of stylish orangery doors

Whether you prefer the look and sound of bifold or French orangery doors, Oakley Green are the specialists that you can rely on.

We offer both styles in a range of configurations and colours, suited to all orangeries and tastes! Explore our site to find out more. If you are still debating whether to install a new living space, why not have a nosey at our selection or orangeries?