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    Sliding sash uPVC windows Sliding sash uPVC windows
    White windows with georgian bar White windows with georgian bar
    Casement windows in white Casement windows in white
    White house windows with georgian bars White house windows with georgian bars
    Double Glazing Double Glazing
    white upvc double glazing white upvc double glazing
    Black composite door Black composite door
    white upvc casement window interior white upvc casement window interior
    white upvc casement window interior white upvc casement window interior
    white upvc bay window interior white upvc bay window interior
    white upvc bay window interior white upvc bay window interior

    Replacement Windows Across Bristol, Reading And Beyond

    We know how important quality is when it comes to buying new windows. That’s why we offer high performance windows in Bristol, Reading and beyond that feature the latest innovations in glazing technology, to keep your home warm, bright and secure.

    Our complete design and installation service makes it easy for you to enhance your home with new double glazed windows – benefit from increased performance inside and stylish good looks outside, regardless of which window style you choose.

    Energy-efficient double glazing installations, designed for you

    Achieving the very best energy grade ratings, our innovative double glazing works by having two panes of glass which surrounds an argon-gas filled chamber, stopping currents of cold air entering and eliminating the escape of heat. As it boasts exceptionally low U-values, replacement double glazed windows will leave your home in the Bristol or Reading area comfortable and warm. Not only will they improve your home’s carbon footprint, but our range of bespoke double-glazed products will also enhance your home’s kerb appeal, adding value to your home.

    A range of styles to complement your home

    Windows are a small detail – but they can make a big impression, both internally and externally. Choose the right style and it can enhance the aesthetics of your home and improve its ‘kerb side’ appeal.

    We can provide you with double glazing in uPVCaluminium and timber depending on the character of your home. Choose from casementsash, and bay windows. Visit our showroom to get a true feel for the range of colours and finishes, and find out what styles would best suit your home or check online, we make it easy to choose uPVC, aluminium or timber windows that reflect the character of your home:

    Casement windows

    Suited to any property, the ‘casement’ is a classic window style that can be customised with arrange of configurations and frame finishes. They are a simple addition to an existing living space or new extension, and made from the latest materials will last for years to come.

    Sash windows

    For properties that need a new lease of life but are still sympathetic to traditional character, sash windows are the ideal solution. Suitable for adding a touch of heritage to contemporary properties, sash windows maximise the amount of light that can enter a room and can incorporate features such as astragal bars and more ornate period features.

    Bay windows

    Maximise the amount of light that enters a room and create a stunning centrepiece – bay windows are elegant by nature and make rooms look and feel far more spacious.

    Double glazing or triple glazing?

    The best glazing solution is dependent on your individual circumstances. However, our modern double glazing provides the optimal performance for homeowners across the South of England. If you reside in a coastal area, or on a busy road then triple glazed windows may be more suitable for you. Read here for a comparison of double glazing and triple glazing, or speak to one of our experts who can advise on the best for you.

    Stay up to date with our latest tips and advice:


    How can you benefit from an Oakley home improvement?

    • Style – slim sightlines, maximised glass space and clean aesthetics
    • Energy efficiency – multi chamber profiles lock in heat
    • Durability – frames and profiles are robust and last for years
    • High performance glazing – looks good and insulates sound and heat
    • Security – strong frames, quality glazing and efficient locking mechanisms
    • Convenience – full design and build service, tailor-made to your home

    Energy efficient windows as standard

    We care about the environment and helping you to reduce your heating bills. That is why all our windows come with thermally efficient glazing as standard, which conforms to Government environment guidelines. They can even reach up to an ‘A+12’ rating in the Window Energy Rating system (WER).

    Compared with single glazing, double is significantly more energy-efficient and thermal insulation is improved as heat has to work twice as hard to escape. With the highest possible energy rating of A+12 energy rating, it will help lower your energy bills as you will notice throughout the colder months that you will need your heating a lot less.

    If you’re tired of underusing rooms because they are draughty or because the glazing has become misted, replacements are a very cost-effective solution. Modern uPVC, aluminium and timber frames (all of which we offer) improve the retaining of heat and weatherproofing. This makes for more pleasant living areas, even if you live in a coastal area of the South or one that is particularly windy.

    Sound insulation

    Due to the better insulation that double glazing provides noise pollution is also noticeably decreased for a comfortable inside atmosphere.


    Two panes are better than one so double glazing makes it harder to break through and as they are sealed tightly it is difficult to force double glazed windows open.

    Less condensation and damp

    A common problem with single glazed units is damp and condensation. Double glazing eradicates this due to the internal glass pane being a closer temperature to the rest of the room.

    Why replace your windows with us?

    Bespoke, secure windows for your home

    All our windows are available with efficient locking mechanisms, accessory choices and come in a range of colours and styles. That means you don’t have to compromise – protect your home in the Bristol and Reading area and let your personality shine through.

    • At Oakley Green we have 20 years of installing double glazing in Bristol, Reading and beyond so we are well placed to advise on what’s best for your home. We are so confident that our service is of the best quality that you will receive a 10 year guarantee on both the products and labour.
    • Our business approach is friendly and honest with no pushy sales tactics. We are fully accredited so you know you can trust us to get the job done right first time.
    • Our windows come in a wide range of colours as well as ‘wood like’ finishes allowing you to customise and match to whatever colour scheme you want.
    • With up to an A+12 energy rating brilliant thermal insulation is guaranteed in all of our double glazed products.

    For more information, visit one of our fantastic show sites in Thatcham (near Newbury), Bristol or Maidenhead, or book an appointment to discuss our range of double glazing with one of friendly members of staff.


    How does double glazing work?

    A double-glazed window incorporates two panes of glass-enclosed within a sealed unit. Divided by a gap of at least 12mm, a double-glazed window can be filled with either air or argon gas. The air or gas-filled gap insulates against heat transfer between the different temperatures, the outside, and your home. Acting as a break, the air cannot circulate; consequently, slowing down the movement of heat and reducing heat loss.

    Does double glazing reduce condensation?

    Condensation can be found on both the interior and exterior of a window. Triggered by a temperature difference between the outside and the inside of the window – the cooler surface will attract any available moisture. Double glazing reduces the exterior and interior temperature difference on the glass, therefore lowering the probability of condensation.

    Is it worth replacing double glazing?

    It is always worth replacing double glazing if the double glazing you have at the moment is letting condensation, letting a draft into the house or are older than 25 years old. Replacing the double glazing will stop the drafts and condensation. Even replacing older double glazing with the latest technology can all add up to making your home more comfortable and energy efficient.

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