If you’re thinking about installing a conservatory at your home and you’re not sure where to start, we can help.  At Oakley, we are the conservatory experts.  We have over 23 years of industry experience and have installed high-quality conservatories across the south east of England.  To help you make the best decision with your conservatory investment plan, we’ve compiled this comprehensive guide to make the most out of your new home extension.

Why install an Oakley conservatory?

There are many reasons why people choose to extend their home with a conservatory.  It could be due to a growing family.  It could be for extra space to use as a home office, dining area, gym, playroom or extended lounge area.  You may want to invest in your home for the future.  Or you may have always thought about installing a conservatory but now is the perfect time in your life to make it happen.

The first thing to decide when considering a conservatory for your home, is which material is best for you.  At Oakley Green, we install conservatories made from either uPVC, aluminium or timber.  Each material has its own unique characteristics, and what’s best for you will depend on the style of your home, personal preference, budget and expectations.

One of our victorian conservatory installations One of our victorian conservatory installations
A victorian conservatory in white uPVC A victorian conservatory in white uPVC
A large white victorian conservatory A large white victorian conservatory
An internal view of one of our victorian conservatories An internal view of one of our victorian conservatories
A kitchen that extends out into conservatory A kitchen that extends out into conservatory
A modern kitchen conversion A modern kitchen conversion
Victorian conservatory leading onto the garden Victorian conservatory leading onto the garden
An oak coloured Victorian conservatory An oak coloured Victorian conservatory

uPVC conservatories

uPVC conservatories are the most cost-effective option.  They are also the most popular conservatory with homeowners across the UK.  In recent years, uPVC conservatories have vastly improved in terms of both appearance and performance.  With a uPVC conservatory from Oakley you can expect excellent thermal insulation, a choice of various styles and configurations and the capacity for bespoke designs to be incorporated.

Aluminium conservatories

Aluminium is an inherently strong material.  This means that it can support larger expanses of glass and even triple glazing.  This in turn helps to improve overall thermal performance and allows more natural light to flood into your glazed extension.  Aluminium conservatories provide outstanding weather protection.  They will never rust, buckle or deteriorate and require only minimal maintenance to keep them looking and performing like the day they were installed for many years to come.

Timber conservatories

A timber conservatory is the perfect choice if you live in a period property or rurally located home.  The natural allure of real wood creates a truly unique aesthetic appearance.  It can be manufactured into almost any shape or size and can be painted with your preferred colour choice.  Timber conservatories also perform extremely well thanks to the natural insulating capacity of timber frames.

Energy efficiency and home security our top priorities

At Oakley Green, we only install the highest performing conservatories.  All the glazing we use in our conservatories can achieve an ‘A’ Window Energy Rating (WER) to easily exceed Building Regulations requirements.  Your new conservatory will regulate exterior temperatures to create a comfortable living space all year round.  We offer a range of glazed roof options for your conservatory which can be specified with solar control glass to further reduce solar glare and create an ambient temperature.

For those who want a conservatory that blends seamlessly with the rest of the property, a solid conservatory roof provides a modern alternative to the traditional conservatory build. Exceptionally efficient, a vaulted perimeter ceiling allows the room to flow with the rest of your home and can be enhanced further with stylish spotlights and speakers. For the best of both worlds, multiple glass panels can also be incorporated into this fashionable tiled roof design.

When it comes to security, our conservatory entrance doors all feature multi-point locking systems as standard. Whether you prefer a standard uPVC front entrance door for your glazed extension or you’d prefer to be able to open up your home wide with some beautiful bifold doors, classy French doors or stylish sliding patio doors, all our doors have undergone rigorous testing to ensure only the best in security standards.

Will you need Planning Permission for your new conservatory?

One of the most frequent questions we get asked by our customers is ‘will their conservatory require planning permission?’  The honest answer is that it depends on the size of the extension and the location of the conservatory.

In many cases, you will not require planning permission to install a conservatory.  It will be deemed by your local authority as permitted development.  Without getting too technical, to avoid planning permission, the most important criteria to be aware of is:

  • No more than half the land area around the original house can be covered by the conservatory
  • The conservatory must not extend more than four metres from the back of the property (detached houses) or three metres (any other houses)
  • The conservatory’s height must not exceed that of the original property and be no more than four metres in height

If you live in a conservation area or a listed building, other limitations may also apply. But for many homeowners, these criteria will not pose a problem for most conservatory installation plans. The Oakley Green team expertly overcome most obstacles surrounding planning permission and can offer professional advice on the best solution for your conservatory installation plans.

The best conservatory style for your home

At Oakley Green, we offer all our customers several styles of conservatory.  Each style has its own benefits and depending on your expectations, property type and dimensional requirements, the best choice for you will differ accordingly.  Each of our conservatory styles can be adapted to meet your design requirements, including superb solid roof options, and our conservatory and design build specialists will work with you to create the perfect conservatory for your home.

A large white victorian conservatory A large white victorian conservatory
A victorian conservatory in white uPVC A victorian conservatory in white uPVC
A large Regency conservatory leading onto decking A large Regency conservatory leading onto decking
An internal view of a gull-wing modern conservatory An internal view of a gull-wing modern conservatory
A large rectangular Edwardian conservatory - conservatory windows A large rectangular Edwardian conservatory - conservatory windows
An oak coloured uPVC combination conservatory An oak coloured uPVC combination conservatory
Internal photo of a combination conservatory Internal photo of a combination conservatory
Regency conservatory project internal decor Regency conservatory project internal decor
A gull wing conservatory with double doors A gull wing conservatory with double doors

Victorian conservatories

Influenced by the architecture of the Victorian period, Victorian style conservatries are a great choice for any style and age of property.  Victorian conservatories feature a multi-faceted roof design with an ornate crest running along the apex.  Victorian conservatories are often pentagonal or hexagonal in shape and are an attractive addition to any home.

Regency conservatories

Regency conservatories or gable end conservatories are the perfect way to create an imposing statement with your glazed extension.  They are usually rectangular in design and are positioned so that the gable end extends outwards from the original property.  This creates a stylish symmetrical appearance and helps to maximise natural light intake through each side of the glazed roof.

Gull wing conservatories

Often extending the entire width of a property, a gull wing conservatory is a great way to maximise floor space in your home.  Combining elements of a lean-to conservatory and the elegant roof style of a Victorian conservatory, gull wing conservatories will certainly create a stylishly unique feel to your glazed extension.  At Oakley, thanks to our years of conservatory experience we are one of only a few installers who offer our customers gull wing conservatories

Edwardian conservatories

Architectural style reached its peak in the Edwardian era.  This is reflected in the ornate design of an Edwardian conservatory.  Featuring a steeply pitched roof and a selection of ornate detailing, Edwardian conservatories borrow much of their style from the preceding Victorian period while improving functionality and versatility with their rectangular design.

Combination conservatories

If you’re unsure which conservatory style would be best for your home, we can create bespoke combination conservatories to meet all your extension requirements.  At Oakley, we can confidently combine any of our conservatory styles to give you the perfect conservatory where you can relax and enjoy your improved standard of living.

All our conservatory styles are available in either uPVC, aluminium or timber and come with a comprehensive 10-year guarantee.

If you have any further questions about your conservatory installation plans, at Oakley Green, we are always happy to help.  Give us a call on Newbury 01635 877 959, Maidenhead 01189 401 975 or Bristol 0117 910 9500 or send us a message online.  One of our friendly and knowledgeable team will provide you with all the essential information to help you to extend your home in style with minimal inconvenience to your home life.


We’ve also compiled a list of some our FAQs that we think you will find helpful too!

  • If you’re looking for a new conservatory, or to add a new lease of life to your current one, it can be a difficult decision choosing a new conservatory door. Whether it’s a patio door, French door, or bifold door, they all allow an abundance of natural light in and will retain your home’s warmth. Here’s a detailed comparison of our conservatory doors.

    Find more here on the best door styles for orangeries.

  • We strive on our excellent customer service, every step of the way our friendly team will be there to offer our expertise. It takes just six simple steps for an Oakley Green installation.

    1) Initial consultation
    2) Quotation processed
    3) Quote finalized
    4) Surveyor visit
    5) Work commences
    6) Completion and sign off

    To find out more about our installation process, take a look here or contact a member of the team.

  • Here at Oakley Green Conservatories, we’ve been transforming properites across the South of England since 1999. From Bristol and Swindon to Reading and Maidenhead, we have been offering luxurious, beautiful, bespoke conservatories that add space and light to homes.

    Find more here on the areas we cover.

  • An important consideration when buying windows is whether you’d like them to be double or triple glazed. Double glazing and triple glazing use two and three panes of glass respectively, with the extra pane affecting how the window works in a number of ways. We’ve created a comparison guide between double and triple glazing to help you decide which is more suitable for your needs.

  • Although there are similarities amongst the three window materials, there are a number of important differences. For a more in-depth look at the three materials, follow the link on our guide to the best window materials.

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